It started in 2012 when long time friends and cultural workers Roberto Pérez and Angel Fuentes decided to form Urban Pilón. Urban Pilón is a culinary movement to share knowledge with the masses about the great foods of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our efforts are to create healthy, unique and innovative dishes unlike the established menus in Chicago. Since forming, Urban Pilón has created a food blog, hosted dinner parties at a large scale, performed cooking demonstrations, hosted classes, and much more.

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cooking philosophy

People have always looked to the colonizers like Spain, Italy, Portugal and France as culinary leaders that we should follow. But we have so much we can draw from as Puerto Ricans. I'd rather look within, look to my family, look to our Taíno past, our African roots, the Caribbean links, and not allow these traditions to fade away. I'd rather cook fount than polenta, caldo santo than paella, guingambo than broccoli, and so on. Unfortunately Chicago has not one Caribbean food blogger and I hope to bring attention to our wonderful culinary experience. - Roberto Pérez

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