Comments from previous students:

"This class is amazing. I learned so much about the simplist things that make all the difference from how to make a dish from scratch without it being over whelming, adding certain combinations for great flavor, and how to make a familiar dish look absolutely appealing. Our chef is not only an amazing cook. He provided us with a wealth of history about the recipes and ingredients. What was so beautiful about the history is that it informed us as to how we are truly culturally integrated when cooking-Food for thought."

- M. Anzueta

"Not only is Roberto Pérez an amazing chef and teacher but what a humble, beautiful, kind, generous young man. He delivered fresh peppers and tomatoes from his garden and shared with me." 
- J. Velazquez
"Gracias Roberto, por dar de tu tiempo. Eres tremendo maestro y un gran ser humano. Gracias al personal de la Iglesia San Lucas por dejarnos hacer este sueño realidad, y también gracias a La Criolla por estos ricos productos. Un sueño realidad que personas como esta traigan cosas positivas a nuestra comunidad."
- E. Negrón


Cooking like the Island's: vibrant, fresh and flavorful

People have always looked to other culinary leaders like France and Italy to follow, and there are many expensive cooking classes to show for it. In this class you will be surrounded by historical and cultural information to gather a sense of pride in our culinary world. We will explore the beauty, colorfulness and delicious flavors of the Caribbean with a hands on experience. This is a 4 week course that will provide you with recipes and the tools you’ll need to become a better cook.

Where: San Lucas Church

2914 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

When: Every Thursday from January 19th to February 9th from 6-8pm

Cost: Classes are $45 each or $160 for all 4 classes. Space will be limited to 12 students. Payment available via PayPal at bertoperez3@gmail.com


Class Outline

(Week 1)

  • Intro to the class
  • Review of equipment needed and preferred
  • Building a foundation (Intro to sofrito, adobo, creole flavorings, and more.)
  • Oils - making aceite de achiote
  • In the Urban Pilón Kitchen: Making homemade sofrito and adobo

(Week 2)

  • Bacalao and other easy-to-make seafood meals
  • Rice and Beans
  • Caribbean Herbs
  • In the Urban Pilón Kitchen: Rice and Beans, and Seafood variations.

(Week 3)

  • Chicken/Turkey
  • Maduros
  • In the Urban Pilón Kitchen: Pollo Guisado, Picadillo, Sweet Plantains/Maduros made healthy.

(Week 4)

  • Beef and Goat
  • Caribbean condiments and tostones
  • In the Urban Pilón Kitchen: Oxtail, Curry Goat